A brief explanation

Choir music

Writing and arranging spiritual music for soloists, choirs, and vocal ensembles has long been an important part of Misha’s working life. She loves to modernise ancient hymns, changing rhythm and harmony in order to help the audience listen to the lyrics with fresh ears. In addition, she has written original music for church choirs and vocal ensembles.

As Misha has had the opportunity to conduct and sing with ensembles and choirs of different vocal ranges, sizes, and levels, the settings and difficulties of the arrangements and originals vary from beginner to professional level. Therefore brief descriptions and listening examples to the pieces have been added.

Instrumental music

Lately Misha is more and more involved in not only writing for voices but composing for various instrumental ensembles. She has been honored by professional musicians (for instance AnMira Duo: Anton Abamovitch flute, Maria Mirovska flute) to compose for them.

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