Changes & Choices

Changes & Choices hits the streets on 15th of January, 2021

Changes & Choices hits the streets on 15th of January 2021

"Changes & Choices", my new album with Roman Stolyar on piano, Alexey Kruglov on alto sax and yours truly vocals, storyline and music - apart from one song that beautiful Ivory Stone contributed (it is called Abandoned Chapel) – is going to be available on all major download platforms from 15th of Jan, 2021 on.

Roman, Alexey and I have been working together for years under the name of INSIDE OUT and the recording shows it: the transitions between styles from mainstream to almost classical feel to free improvisation happen with seamless ease and elegance. The CD consists of nine originals which are connected through a story about letting go of old grief and finding inner peace, and underlying free tonal improvisations.

The artwork of the cover was painted by Ivory Stone, the design is done by Hanna Steinhauer.

If you are interested in a physical copy of this or any other of my CDs please contact me via this website.