Dreaming with Eyes Wide Awake – Songs of a Lifetime

Somebody once said: If aliens visited Earth today and listened to our popular music they would think mankind`s only problem is how to find and keep a partner. Fed up with exclusively singing songs about romance, Misha decided to write music that reflects on life in all its different shades including the joyful moments but also the bitter and dirty ones. She uses her beloved musical language of jazz not to provide a short escape from reality but to connect people with their own feelings, with hidden truth and beauty, to help survive and find meaning and wisdom in everyday chaos.

In NYC she has found a pool of excellent musicians that have become her partners in doing so: Hendrik Meurkens on vibraphone and harmonica, Glauco Lima and Misha Tsiganov on piano, Itaiguara Brandao and Eddy Khaimovitch on bass/double bass, and Samuel Martinelle on drums.