With a Bit of Your Love (2004)

01. Stranded
02. Tough Decisions
03. With A Bit Of Your Love
04. Sceptic In Spain
05. Take Your Time
06. Breakfast On The Quay
07. The Island
08. Don't
09. Five Minutes
10. Darkness
11. Traces
12. On Grief
13. Glad

What happens when a German singer and songwriter in Moscow meets an English-language lyricist? The finest in exile jazz, contemplative, challenging, and expressive.

These original compositions (music by Misha, lyrics by Marion Otto) fuse jazz and poetry, emotions and sophistication. They are steeped in jazz tradition, while at the same time they combine various styles and techniques to produce something new and unusual, what one could call expat jazz. The singer has a clear, nimble voice with an impressive range of possibilities and means of expression: playful and sentimental, personal and cheeky, loving and critical. The musicians are popular and highly qualified Moscow artists who bring the compositions to life with their stylistic versatility.